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TYPE v (PID controlled)

The Type v model is offered in two different body styles, both with heat exchanger PID temperature control technology.

Temperature control is optimised through a PID controller drawing on 4 different signal parameters to ensure stability and optimum results in the cup.

An adjustable temperature display allows the user to select individual brewing temperatures for different coffee types and roast styles.

The Giotto and Mozzafiato Type v machines introduce users to the Rocket Espresso movement for better espresso in the home without compromise.

Some people consider the domestic espresso machines
built by italian company ecm in the 1980’s as legendary.
when we at rocket espresso purchased the rights to
build those very machines, we certainly thought so.
we then set about turning the legendary machines into
the finest handmade espresso machines. our machines
had to be beautiful and made with meticulous care and
attention to detail.

More importantly the machines of rocket espresso had
to be capable of producing the finest espresso.
rocket espresso, a partnership between new
zealanders jeff kennedy and andrew meo and italian
daniele berenbruch, whose father had been the
inspiration behind those very first machines.


Features taken straight from our commercial espresso machines, superior technology that is normally only found in full sized commercial espresso machines.


Features taken directly from our commercial espresso machine range give the MOZZAFIATO machines superior technology that is normally only found in full sized commercial espresso machines.

Now with PID temperature control, insulated boilers and the Rocket Espresso 9 mm boiler end plates, stability and temperature control is further enhanced.

The use of a  pump ensures quiet yet robust pump performance and allows the user to have the machine draw water from the internal machine reservoir.




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