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Dimensions:L 290mm D 235mm H 340mm
Power: 230V 50/60Hz 1100W
Water tank: 2,5 liters
Weight: 14 Kg

1-cup filter, 2-cup filter, Measuring scoop and coffee-tamper, Blind filter disc


This is the version before the 2020 version, there is not much difference and it has the separate element and insulated boiler.

As of the 2nd of July 2010 all Rancilio product is offered with a 2 year manufacturers warranty, supported directly by us.
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My Espresso Ltd are Importers of Rancilio domestic machines and we provide full support for the range including full spares availability.

We receive a monthly order from Rancilio direct, they are all the latest Specification.
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One of our best sellers In the NEW EDITION, the Rancilio Silvia is a machine thatís reputation speaks for itself. With nearly five years of solid performance, the Silvia is one of the most highly recognized semi-automatic machines in the business. To ensure heat retention and lasting quality, the Silvia features a forged marine brass portafilter, group head, and boiler. The large 12-ounce boiler also allows for steam capacity that is unparalleled by other machines at this size and price. An iron frame, housed by brushed stainless steel, provides durability as well as sleek, Italian style. Miss Silvia takes a little bit of time and patience to master, but once you do youíll never want to use anything else. As one of our customers said, “Superior performance, superior construction, superior period. This machine is worth it.”

Being the classy lady that she is, Silvia is a little picky about the grind that you use with her. We highly recommend pairing this machine with a top-quality burr grinder such as the Rancilio Rocky. Be sure to take a look at our Rancilio sets, and get some great deals on a complete espresso setup. The intuitive interface, close up photos, and narrated videos will guide you through every procedure in great detail. This machine also comes with a 7 gram coffee scoop, a plastic tamper, and two filter baskets (single and double).

If all of these features werenít enough, the Silvia is now ESE pod-adaptable! If you would like the option to use convenient Easy Serve Espresso pods with your Silvia, a pod-adapter kit can be purchased separately for you to install on your machine.
In the upgrade for Rancilio have developed a special steam tip for Miss Silvia as well. It is a 1 hole commercial tip that comes complete with an adapter. This tip has been thoroughly tested to make sure that it matches up with the boiler capacity. Matching a steam tip to an espresso machine is a delicate balance between releasing steam too quickly, which will heat the milk to quickly, or too slowly, which will not generate enough velocity to texture the milk properly. So, if you are ready to froth like a pro then you should consider this adapter set as the way to go.

Some of the most crucial elements for producing high quality espresso are influenced by the Style, Size and Construction of the portafilter. Style: This portafilter is designed like a commercial machine and works in the same way. The coffee is ground fine and is tamped (pressed) firmly into place. Size: The size of the portafilter is also the same as a commercial machine. Is has a large diameter (58 mm) so that the water is distributed evenly over a wide surface area. Construction: The portafilter is made up of two parts, the handle and the filter holder. The handle is made of high quality plastic. The heavy chrome plated brass filter holder keeps the temperature stable throughout the entire brewing process, therefore producing a quality cup of espresso.

This is the portion of the machine that the portafilter locks into. It is made of chrome plated marine brass which provides a superior brewing environment through maximum heat stability and component longevity.

Boiler. The Silvia’s boiler is made of marine grade brass and has the largest volume of any home machine in its class. This large volume produces the best steaming power and recycle time when brewing multiple espressos. The brass construction resists pitting and scale build up for long lasting durability.
The three-way solenoid valve is a commercial feature that relieves the water pressure off the coffee when the brew switch is turned off. This serves two functions; it dries out the coffee to prevent dripping and makes it easy to knock the coffee out of the portafilter with one knock.
The Silvia has the same switches as their famed S20 series commercial units. There are four snap-acting rocker arm switches. The main power switch is located in the center by itself. When this is turned on the heating element is activated. A separate orange ready light will then turn on. When the light goes off the machine is at operating temperature. The top left switch operates the pump and is also known as the brew switch. Turn on to start the brewing process and off when you are done. The middle button on the left is for dispensing hot water. The bottom left switch activates the steam function. When this is turned on the boiler will heat up to steam temperature. Then turn the steam/water knob located on the side of the machine and start frothing.
Preheating your cups is very important. The Silvia has a cup warmer that will hold up to six espresso cups. It is a passive type heater which means it is heated from the residual heat of the boiler.
If you want hot water for any reason, be it hot chocolate, tea or Americanos it is very easy to do. Just turn on the pump (brew) switch and open the steam knob. Hot water will start to stream out.
The Silvia comes equipped with a stainless steel steam wand. It is a single hole style and does not have any type of frothing sleeve. With this type of wand it takes a little more skill but is very durable and gives you excellent control. The steam wand does get hot, so wipe it off as soon as you are done so the milk will not stick to it. There is also a 4 hole nozzle available see here.

The large removable 2.5 L Tank can be refilled from the top any time during the operation, allowing for an endless supply of coffee or steam.

Thermostat and Safety Switches
The Silvia has three temperature controls. There are two thermostats and one high limit. There is one thermostat for maintaining brewing temperature and one for maintaining steaming temperature. The high limit will turn off the power to the boiler in the event of a malfunction. This prevents the boiler from overheating. The high limit switch can be reset and does not have to be replaced if activated.
Housing Construction
The construction of this unit is second to none. The frame that supports the unit is made of heavy iron. The exterior casing, drip pan and drip tray are made of high quality stainless steel. Not only is the Silvia rock solid and easy to clean, it also fits in perfectly with today’s high-end kitchen appliances.


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Weight 10 kg

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