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This can only be expected from Macap, the M4D is yet another cutting edge grinder. The M4D is unique in that it has a digital dosing system, allowing this non-doser grinder to be set up for any basket, and a precise dosage of ground coffee at the press of a button. Its blue backlit LCD display and chrome finish mean the M4D fits in perfectly in modern, and also more traditional surroundings.

This is the professional Barista choice grinder, combining the latest in technology and delivers the perfect dose of freshly ground coffee every time. The doser is fully adjustable to deliver any grammage choice of the user and as you only grind as you use, each cup will deliver the perfect balance between strength and freshness.

Technical Specifications
Step less grinder settings
Power 250W
Grinding blade diameter 58mm
Motor 1400rpm
Hopper capacity 500g
Weight 8.5kg
Dosing Counter Yes

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

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