We are thrilled to introduce the worldís first portable espresso machine: The Handpresso Wild makes a premium quality coffee anywhere, whether on holiday or a business trip; in the mountains or in the country; in your kitchen, living room or garden.
This mobile nomadic gadget creates an exciting new coffee ritual for friends and family at any time. Ideal for single, urban dwellers or anyone else with limited space, for the office and the workspace. The Handpresso Wild stands out as trendy, practical and fun.
Handpresso Wild works with E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) pods, an open system adopted by many brands (Gaggia, Illy, Lavazza, WaitroseÖ) and widely available in supermarkets, specialty coffee shops and on the web.
Pump up the pressure; pour hot water into the reservoir; insert the E.S.E. Pod; push the release button and voila…delicious authentic espresso in seconds.
Small is Beautiful
The technology of espresso machines is becoming increasingly sophisticated and expensive. Handpresso decided to go the opposite way and look for simplicity. This thinking led to the invention of the Handpresso Wild, a device small enough to fit in a handbag!
This simple concept is complimented by sophisticated technology and a sleek and elegant design, nominated for the Observeur du Design 08 awards and currently exhibited at the CitÈ des Sciences in Paris. The Handpresso Wild is produced from durable, environmentally friendly materials and parts. Handpresso stakes its reputation on quality and reliability.
In order to make the nomadic espresso experience even more enjoyable, Handpresso has designed a whole range of outdoor accessories (thermos flask, case, unbreakable polycarbonate cups, outdoor carrying kit) and indoor requisites (tray, stylish cups).

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Weight 6 kg

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