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GIAMAICA CAFFE AFRICAN BLEND 100% Arabica Beans sourced from the African continent.

This coffee is a selection of selections of four different kinds of Arabica each one roasted separately and blended in the original percentage through manual procedure. The recipe is the same one that 64 years ago Giovanni Erbisti prepared with the methods and the sagacity always accustomed in our family which followed us up to the third generation of coffee roasters. Giovanni Erbisti ’47 in the cup is of great structure, slightly salty, rich, full sweet taste, strong and pervasive. Its flavor is walnuts. The fragrance is honey and chocolate. The low percentage of caffeine and the high grade of acidity makes it easily digestible.
These coffee beans are absolutely stunning and have none of the harshness from other producers.

Gianni Erbesti is one of Italy’s premier coffee roasters . He works in the tradition of his uncle, Giovanni Erbisti, who began roasting coffee in 1947.
He still uses his Erbisti’s original roasting machine, making him almost certainly the last torrefacteurs in the world to roast his beans directly with an open flame.

The family philosophy remains the same, eschewing dark roasts in order to preserve even the subtlest aromas of the coffee. Gianni is obsessive about sourcing his beans and insists on specifying the exact means of production at every stage of the process.
He believes in small productions, and makes as much coffee in a year as Lavazza makes in two hours.

In my personal opinion he has done it again, this a great coffee bean, the best yet.


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