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Italian Machine with wood trim

The performance is exactly the same as the Appartamento from Rocket, please look at the video to see how they perform.

It has the following advantages over a single boiler :

It maintains the water level by itself in the background

Two separate Filter Holders are supplied one for double and one for single

You can froth the milk at the same time as making the coffee

E 61 Grouphead is rock solid reliable

Extraordinary professional machine for home/office. Combines high-end finishes with the robustness and reliability worthy of the best products on the market. Attention to design details, such as the innovative drip tray system that easily seperates from the machine for easy cleaning. With the right balance between power and performance the Elba provides an exceptional quality coffee extraction and milk frothing with an extraordinary power of steams production for a perfect cappuccino.

– Manual coffee water portion control with lever

– Stainless steel bodywork – Stainless steel steam wands

– Thermosiphon double-circulation

– Copper or stainless steel boiler with anti-oxidant treatment

– Dip-tray completely separate for better cleaning

– Fix cup-tray +wood trim

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

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